Friends of the Italian Heritage Foundation

Friends of the Italian Heritage Foundation

Our “Friends” program is a community-wide initiative of the Italian Heritage Foundation. It is a unique opportunity to further broaden/enhance individual participation in a highly respected organization nearly a half-century in existence.

“We give honor to our heritage by giving back to the community, removing barriers to education that young people face through scholarships and other programs”. It is an opportunity for “Friends” to further our mission and join forces to continue giving students a chance to successfully complete their education.

By joining us as a member, and helping the children in our community, you will be invited to several events throughout the year, where you can network with other organizations in a social atmosphere. These functions are enjoyable, rewarding and beneficial to all who participate.

As a member, you will get pre-invites to our Annual Scholarship Gala, Raffle Fundraiser and Golf Tournament. Throughout the year, we also host several family functions to encourage the younger generation to understand the importance of their heritage and the importance of giving back to the community. These successful events help us achieve our goal of raising money for our Scholarship Program.

We look forward to another successful year and your help makes this possible. The annual membership fee is $150.00. If you are interested in joining our “Friends” program, please fill out the following form and send it to:

Yvonne Caternolo
Italian Heritage Foundation
100 Meridian Center
Suite 325
Rochester, NY 14618

  • A T Property Solutions
  • Alliance Doors & Hardware, Inc.
  • Anthony Gullace ~ Max Rochester
  • Barbara Nino ~ International Art Acquisitions, Inc.
  • Bernard J. Iocovangelo ~ Faber Construction Co., Inc.
  • Bill & Pat Wilson
  • Bishop Kearney
  • Christopher Calabrese
  • D’Agostino General Contractors, Inc.
  • Dan Christa ~ Metro Real Estate Services of WNY, LLC
  • David Bonacchi ~ Monroe School Transportation
  • Don & Mary Alhart
  • Donald & Pam Rhoda ~ the Red Barn
  • Doug & Mark Meeson ~ Vay-Schleich & Meeson
  • Douglas Calabrese ~ Conking & Calabrese Co., Inc.
  • Dr. Charles Cavallaro ~ D.O. Concierge Medicine, PLLC
  • Dr. John Coniglio, MD LLC
  • Dr. Joseph & Mary Carbone ~ Rochester Foot Care Associates
  • Dr. Robert & Brenda Cafarell
  • Edmund Calvaruso
  • Edmund Viele
  • Elaine Spaull ~ The Center for Youth
  • Florence Tripi
  • Francis & Alina Catanzaro
  • Frank DeFelice ~ DeFelice Development, Inc.
  • Gallina Development
  • Gary L. Albanese, Alby Properties
  • Genaro Felix, Genesee Valley Club
  • George & Clora Cefalu
  • Gerard & Anthony DiMarco ~ Security Mortgage Group, LLC
  • Gerald & Carolyn Kershanbaum
  • Honorable Michael Telesca
  • James & Teresa Martin ~ James Martin LLC
  • James D. Brown of the
  • Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center
  • Jim Agostonelli
  • Jim Verdi
  • John Caruso ~ Passero Associates
  • John Colaruotulo ~ Anco Builders & Casa Larga Vineyards
  • John DiMarco, II ~ DiMarco Group
  • John T. Nothnagle ~ Nothnagle Realtors
  • Joseph & Nancy Rube
  • Lauren & Brian Kolb ~ Genesee Valley Trust
  • Lawrence Cantabene
  • Lou Bivone
  • Marco Muoio
  • Michael Palumbo
  • Michael & Christine Russo
  • Michael & Connie Tambe ~ Tambe Electric
  • Paul DeCarolis ~ DeCarolis Truck Rental
  • Peter Lawrence
  • Raymond & Beverly LeChase
  • Raymond Colaruotolo
  • Richard Cicero ~ Cicero & Cicero
  • Richard & Laura Rinaldi
  • Richard Trovato ~ Auto Finishers Supply Co.
  • Robert W. Hickey & Co., CPAs
  • Rocco & Christine Platino ~ EFP Rotenberg
  • Ryan A. Lown ~ Phillips Lytle LLP
  • Sam Bonacci ~ 893 Ridge Rd Properties Inc.
  • Samuel & Marlene Dattilo
  • Sande L. Macaluso
  • Simon & Josephine Braitman
  • Stephen D’Orazio
  • Thomas & Amy Ioele
  • Tom O’Neil
  • Viele, Solimano, Swagler & Chapman CPA
  • Vito Quatela, MD