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Our Mission at the Italian Heritage Foundation is, “We give honor to our heritage by giving back to the community, removing barriers to education that young people face through scholarships and other programs.” Over the past nine (9) years, we have donated over $570,000 and helped 300+ students accomplish their academic goals. We are proud of our heritage and grateful for the opportunities that this community has provided us. We endeavor to share with this community the goodness which it has shared with us.

Our Scholarships have benefited Aquinas, Bishop Kearney, McQuaid, Our Lady of Mercy, St. John Bosco, Hope Hall and School of the Holy Childhood. We also support many other causes including Camp Italiano at Nazareth College.

2015-16 Scholarship Winners

Aquinas Alayna Pipkins
Aquinas Destiny Artigue
Aquinas Dominic Chiarella
Aquinas Erica Knapp
Aquinas Joshua Bentivegna
Aquinas Maggie Seidenberg
Aquinas Travasia Singletary
Bishop Kearney Asia Brown
Bishop Kearney Brendan Flaherty
Bishop Kearney Christian Pietrantoni
Bishop Kearney Emily Marlin
Bishop Kearney John Tran
Bishop Kearney Jonathan Farron
Bishop Kearney Rosa Graham
Bishop Kearney Taya Boffa
McQuaid Andrew Viteri
McQuaid Frank Viavattene
McQuaid Michael D'Amico
Our Lady of Mercy Ashley Zarcone
Our Lady of Mercy Elena C. Maenza
Our Lady of Mercy Melissa Cook
Our Lady of Mercy Taylor Liberti
Hope Hall Amanda Lombardo
Hope Hall Dustin Bertolino
Hope Hall Joesette Haddad
St. John Bosco Brooke Walker
St. John Bosco Gabriel Calcagno
St. John Bosco John DeFord
St. John Bosco Jonah Wieber
St. John Bosco Jordan Goetting
St. John Bosco Kevin DeFord
St. John Bosco Paris Guest
St. John Bosco Paul McLaughlin
St. John Bosco Seraphim Wieber
St. John Bosco Thalia Dinneen